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  • Raising a child with special needs can be a tough assignment for which few parents are prepared to undertake. Children with special needs don’t come with a manual, but if they did, Bobby has done a great job of writing it! Extraordinary Love is a “must read” for any parent desiring a practical guide to help navigate their journey with their special needs child with Christ at the center.

    Marie Kuck
    Marie Kuck Co-Founder | Nathaniel’s Hope
  • The journey of any parent with a special needs child is filled with highs and lows…sometimes on a daily basis. What helps fill those days with more highs than lows is having someone to help you navigate the path you are on. Extraordinary Love by Bobby Lanyon is such a guide to come alongside parents navigating the waters of parenthood. Filled with wisdom, tips, and personal stories, this book will encourage and inspire both mothers and fathers to love, protect and lead their special needs child in this journey called life.

    Steve Bundy
    Steve Bundy Vice President | Joni and Friends

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