G’day Friends, Jack’s Dad here.

Join me and my family as we learn more about what God’s word teaches us in regards to being a parent who has a child with a disability.  Jack was born with Down syndrome.  Since this time we have learned that a community that supports each other is a community that thrives. This is why we began this blog . . . to encourage parents who have kids with special needs.

In our family it is myself, my wife Michelle and 3 boys. BJ, Jack and Connor . . . and dog,  Jonah. Probably just like at your house . . . the energy never stops until they hit the pillows.

We are located in Eastern PA . . . I work a regular marketing position and Michelle gets to stay home and referee.

We are blessed beyond measure and we would love it if you would join us on this journey as we learn more about God and become better at pointing people to Jesus.



Bobby Lanyon
(AKA Jack’s Dad.)
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