A Single Virus Destroys A Special Needs Schedule

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Hey Friends,
Well, with all this free time on our hands…wait…what? Free time?
I have to honestly tell you, I have had LESS time for my normal responsibilities now that we are all quarantined.
Can you relate? Let me know below…
The last time that we had Jack home all day was before Kindergarten…and at that time he wasn’t trying to constantly elope, impulsively grab things or tackle his brothers!
Now, fast-forward 6 years and we have a prepubescent, energetic 11 year old boy with a ‘Houdini’-like ability to escape. Pair that with a curiosity like ‘George, the curious monkey’ and you can see why pre-screening for baby-sitters is like interviewing for the secret service.
Most of the time we laugh at it and God has given us a sixth-sense to hear and know his movements, but it is still exhausting.
We loved school and everyone at school.
But we also LOVED the break, so that we could do our other responsibilities.

Can you relate?

If so, then this post is for you.
I hope it brought an uptick to the corners of your mouth, a deep breathe of relief knowing that you are not alone.
There is a community of parents, who have children with special needs and we are all on the frontline with you.
Maybe it’s the frontline of battling your exhausted emotions.
Maybe it’s the frontline of battling your child’s new routine.
Or perhaps it’s the battle to keep your faith in God and keep believing that He is still God.

I recently read in the Bible, Psalm 23. It is a poem of truth about King David experiencing a moment of rest amongst a crazy time. I’ll post it below for you to read.

Yet, perhaps the most comforting element of this poem, which is a reflection of King David about his God, is that even in dark times (like no school and crazy uncertainty), God is still with me,

“Even when I go through the darkest valley, I fear no danger, for you are with me, you rod and your staff – they comfort me” (Psalm 23:4)

Friends, be comforted, we are all in this together and as a community we can encourage one another.

Would you leave an encouragement for someone below in the comment section?  As we band together, we can change our mindset to reflect on moments of goodness and rest to encourage other burnt-out parents.

More soon,

Bobby Lanyon – Jack’s Dad.

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