Extraordinary Love – The Book – Released.

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Wow, this story is an amazing one. This is the story of how Extraordinary Love, which has just been release all came to fruition.  It’s a story of patience and God overwhelmingly connecting all the dots.

It all began on a Saturday morning in April 2014.  Michelle and I were driving through the quaint country side of Upper Bucks County to spend a day walking through antique markets … simply to just spend time together. Actually, it was our anniversary.

We had been praying for several years that God would provide a tangible way that we could encourage parents who have children with special needs from a Christian perspective.  It was during this time of conversation that I decided that we should put together a resource for parents to look at various aspects of parenting children with special needs from a biblical perspective. Basically, write a book of biblical principles that pertain to parenting children with special needs.

After 2 years … and a journey that has introduced us to some amazing people … the book title, Extraordinary Love, has been published!!Extraordinary Love

Extraordinary Love is available through any book retailer and ebook retailer.

You can also click here to read more about the book.

I’d like to say a special Thank you to my family and my wife who has been very encouraging through this whole process.

Also, to Kat Stahl for the artwork, Jenn Slothower for editing and Advantage Books in Florida for catching the vision and helping to make it a reality.

If you get the book, I’d love to hear back from you … please email me at dad@jacksdad.org.

Be Encouraged,

Jack’s Dad
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  • Kelly nelson

    Just bought two copies! Can’t wait to read and share!

    • Jack's Dad

      Hey Kelly…thanks!

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