Happy Dad Brag Day – Father’s Day

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There are many lessons I learned from my Dad.  They were always practical tips that I would keep with me even to this day.
“Don’t kick the Dog” was something that I learned early, although he never mentioned the cat, probably why the cat never stayed around very long.
“Don’t burp or fart in public” was also an important lesson that I keep on the top of mind even today.  What was great about this lesson was that he allowed us to hone our skills at home…he was a great coach.
There were also other principals that Dad taught my brother and I that still hold true. My favorite one is that we were always to treat our Mum like a princess.  This one was always most obvious to me because not only did my Dad preach it to me, but he modeled it perfectly.
Now I have 3 boys and these lessons that my Dad passed onto me, I am passing down to the next generation (although, I think my boys are better at burping then I am).
Yet, as I reflect on this Father’s Day there is a glaring observation in today’s society that I would like to rectify.  Dad’s do not get the credit they deserve for who they are and for what they do for their family.
Simply flick through the TV guide and you will see that most ‘family’ shows where a Dad is present, the Dad is portrayed as a naive, disconnected idiot.  This is simply not the case.
So this Father’s Days we are going to allow for a little bragging on all Dads.
Firstly, let’s brag about all the Dads who are dedicated to old fashioned working and providing for their family.  It can be shift work, traveling work or paper-pushing…but Dad still goes, everyday.  He earns a paycheck that provides food, clothing and maybe even some extra for the family to enjoy.  Good job Dad for sticking at it! You work because you understand your commitment to your family … and day-in and day-out you fulfill your commitment to your family by going to work.
Oh, and in addition to going to work for 8-10 hours a day, Dads then come home and switch in to parent-mode, relieving Mum for a little while.  Even after all the pressure and stress of the office, being yelled at by customers or even management, Dad walks through that door, puts down the lunch cooler and dives head first into loving his wife by taking over with the kids. He becomes a math tutor, an english professor, a soccer coach or basketball cheer leader. Great job Dad for not skipping out and even you’re completely exhausted from the work day, you dig a little deeper and again, fulfill your commitment to your family.
How about the ‘Honey, Do List’… how many countless lists have appeared on the fridge?  Take a moment and think about how many fix-its, errands and other odds-and-ends have been ticked off on that list. They may not have been done with the immediacy expected…but they got done.  Boom!  You are Welcome!
 Let’s keep bragging on the good things that Dad constantly keeps doing for our family… Plunging toilets (by the way, it’s not our poo we plunge), clogged drains, dirty diapers, vomit and bloody knees and elbows. All these can be added to the list of the wins for Dad. Good job Dad!
By the way, these are just the daily or weekly actives that we do for our families … but why do we do them?
Because Dads are macho, super-hero, avenger-style men who do what has to be done… but also men who sometimes struggle to convey emotions. But deep down (and I mean deep, deep down), there is a place where we don’t normally go. There is a ‘man cave’ in our soul that is locked and protected with razor wire, 12-gauge shotguns and Chuck Norris.  A secret man cave in our heart that doesn’t have a bar fridge, moldy couch or 90-inch LED TV … it has an altar.
Beside this altar is a picture of our most precious possession … our family. Our wife and kids, those who made us a Dad. It’s not an altar that we worship, but rather an altar that every single day we climb up on and willingly sacrifice ourself.
It may be hard to recognize this sacrifice to the untrained eye, but on a cold winter’s day the sacrifice can be seen when a Dad stokes the fire so that when the rest of the family wakes up they will be warm.
This sacrifice strangely appears when we redirect some finances from vacation saving to replace sneakers… or at night, curling up on a single kids mattress to be on guard from the boogeyman … only to guarantee a terrible nights sleep, ill-preparing Dad for the next day’s do-over.
It should probably be mentioned that Dads do feel emotion. Can we express it? Some are better at it than others.
Yet, having a day that our wife and kids choose to dedicate to Dads communicates loud and clear appreciation, worth and value.  It doesn’t matter how many ties we get or bags of salted-roasted peanuts. Dads are thankful that you would spend a little thought and thankfulness towards us.
So, on behalf of all Dads. To our wife, significant others, our children.  Thank you for loving us in return.
Let it be understood by all, that we LOVE being Dad! It is not a burden, but rather a daily reminder that you, our wife and kids, are the greatest blessings that we have on this earth.  There is nothing that we wouldn’t do to continue to show love, protection and provision for you.
From the bottom of our hidden man-cave, deep down in our heart, Thank You for making us a father … and Thank You for your love and affection, which makes us a Dad.
Happy Father’s Day.
Be Enouraged,
Jack’s Dad.
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