Jail Break Jack…out the window!

 In Jack's Dad

It’s one of those text message’s I never expected to see on my phone. I was in a meeting at the Eastern Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Center. Here’s what buzzed onto my phone.

IMG_3868 (2)

What else could I say? After arriving at the house to ensure Jack was inside the window, I had to proceed out of the window to rescue the stuffed toys who had taken Jack up on his adventure onto the front porch roof…probably by force.

I’m not sure how else to describe this, but it was one of those ‘laugh-or-cry’ moments…and I didn’t know which one to choose.

It just so happened that at this time we also had some family members at our home who had come over with the purpose to pray for our family members…it’s a ‘tradition’ that we have had on and off for the past several years that has proven amazing answers to prayer…memoirs that would fill volumes.

However, I did not want to pray…I was so worked up over going from work, to the vet, to another meeting, to race home to this situation that the last thing I wanted to do was to actually sit and not focus on my problems.

Twice in the New Testament of the Bible we are told to pray all the time.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Pray without ceasing.”

1 Timothy 2:8 – “I desire that men pray everywhere…without wrath and doubting”.

Here’s my problem; I get so busy in my daily tasks of being a husband, dad, worker, etc., that I often don’t pray about anything. Have you ever been in this situation? It’s almost a daily occurrence in my life.

But it shouldn’t be and here’s why.

Prayer isn’t just ‘downloading’ our problems and petitions into God’s ear.¬† Prayer is this unique tool that God has chosen to use for conversation with him. Have you ever spent time to pray and read God’s word in the same time period?

Here’s a verse that constantly comes to my mind as I pray to God about certain situations (and individuals) in my life.

Be quick to hear, slow to speak. Knowing that the wrath of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God“. James 1:19-20.

This verse is God’s response to me as I ask him about how to respond when I am involved in conflict resolution, parental refereeing¬†… well, you get the idea.

My Encouragement: Pray…not for your Christmas list. But for honest openness with God. Take some time to pray with your Bible open. Allow God to use the Bible as His response to your burdens, anxieties and needs.

As for Jack, his window is now additionally secured. We will continue to pray that God assigns an extra angel to keep him safe.

Be encouraged,

Jack’s Dad.

P.S. What’s an amazing answer to prayer that God has provided for you? Would you share and encourage this community with your story?

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  • alberto ramirez

    What a scary story! The thought of my son Alex opening his bedroom window has also crossed my mind. We are definitely on guard 7/24!
    But I do have to thank you for quoting James’ verse; it has come to a perfect moment in my professional life where in the mist of frustration I often like to speak my mind. Regardless of my conviction of being right, my wrath has taken me no where. Thank you for the perfect advise.

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